Original paper

Late Turolian micromammals from Rambla de Chimeneas-3: considerations on the oldest continental faunas from the Guadix Basin (Southern Spain)

Minwer-Barakat, Raef; García-Alix, Antonio; Martín-Suárez, Elvira; Freudenthal, Matthijs


The fauna from Rambla de Chimeneas-3 (RCH-3), a new uppermost Miocene micromammal site from the Guadix Basin, is described. This level has yielded remains of Paraethomys meini, Occitanomys alcalai, Stephanomys cf. dubari, Cricetinae indet., Erinaceidae indet., and Soricidae indet. This faunal assemblage can be assigned to the upper Turolian (MN13). The section of Rambla de Chimeneas is situated in the lower part of the oldest exclusively continental stratigraphic unit distinguished in the filling of the Guadix Basin. Other rodent faunas from this unit were previously assigned to the middle Turolian (MN12). In this paper we reconsider the age of the oldest mammal localities from the Guadix Basin, concluding that none of them can be clearly assigned to MN12. Therefore, there is no evidence of the continentalization of the basin before the late Turolian.


late turolianlate miocenerodentsmicromammalsguadix basin