Original paper

Late Valanginian-Hauterivian cephalopod fauna from the Stara Planina Mountain (eastern Serbia)

Vašíček, Zdeněk; Rabrenović, Dragoman; Radulović, Vladan; Radulović, Barbara


The Late Valanginian-Hauterivian cephalopod fauna from Vladikina Ploča in eastern Serbia, described here for the first time, includes representatives of ammonites, aptychi and belemnites. The ammonites in the obtained collection represent a component of greatest stratigraphic importance. All belong to the Mediterranean bioprovince. The determined ammonites prove a time span of studied deposits in the range from the later part of the Late Valanginian to the Late Hauterivian. Ammonites are represented by species of both zonal/subzonal importance and some of them have a wider stratigraphic extent (Phyllopachyceras infundibulum, Davouxiceras nolani). The oldest ammonite zone documented in the section, Peregrinus Zone, is indicated by the occurrence of Rodighieroites cf. cardulus (Late Valanginian). The basal Hauterivian (Radiatus Zone) is indicated by the occurrence of Teschenites flucticulus. The upper part of the Early Hauterivian Loryi Zone is proved by the subzonal index species Jeannoticeras jeannoti. The Late Hauterivian (especially the Balearis Zone) is proved by Binelliceras ibizense. The accompanying aptychi and belemnites (Lamellaptychus didayi, L. angulocostatus, L. filicostatus, L. cf. cristobalensis and further Duvalia dilatata, Castellanibelus cf. orbignyanus, Pseudoduvalia trabiformis, Ps. cf. polygonalis) prove the stratigraphic span in the range from the ?Late Valanginian, Early to Late Hauterivian. The present records extend the knowledge about the palaeogeographic distribution of the mentioned species.


ammonitesaptychibelemniteslate valanginianhauterivianearly cretaceousstara planina mountaineastern serbia