Original paper

Description of the most complete skeleton of Stegomastodon (Mammalia, Gomphotheriidae) recorded for the Mexican Late Pleistocene

Alberdi, María Teresa Juárez-Woo; Polaco, Oscar J.; Arroyo-Cabrales, Joaquín


Gomphothere skull and skeletal remains from the Chapala Lake region, Jalisco, México are described and compared with other gomphothere remains from North, Central and South America. Some characteristics are analysed and compared among them, and the Chapalan specimen is identified as Stegomastodon sp. Palaeoecological and palaeogeographic considerations of the Mexican gomphotheres are also provided compared with others gomphotheres. The tooth enamel was dated by 14C AMS as 27,910 ± 270 AP, corresponding to the late Pleistocene.


gomphotheriidaestegomastodontaxonomydistributionlate pleistocenechapalajaliscomexico