Original paper

Pliocene and Pleistocene shallow-water chitons (Mollusca) from Rhodes Island, Greece

Koskeridou, Efterpi; Vardala-Theodorou, Evi; Moissette, Pierre


The polyplacophoran faunas from the Pliocene and Pleistocene deposits of Rhodes Island (Aegean Sea, Greece) are described for the first time. Thirteen species are reported from five sections in three localities (Kritika, Faliraki and Ladiko) and their biostratigraphical position, faunal relationships and habitat specificity are investigated. The studied fauna developed in fully marine conditions and well-oxygenated waters from the shore to the detritic bottoms of the shelf edge. All these species are still living in the Mediterranean Sea and most of them also occur in the Atlantic Ocean. The following species have been identified: Lepidopleurus cajetanus, Leptochiton cimicoides, Ischnochiton rissoi, Callochiton septemvalvis, Rhyssoplax corallina, R. olivacea, Lepidochitona cf. canariensis, L. caprearum, L. cinerea, L. furtiva, L. monterosatoi, Acanthochitona crinita, and A. fascicularis.