Original paper

Structural and basin evolution in Miocene time, southwestern Gulf of Suez, Egypt

El-Naby, Ahmed; Abd El-Aal, Mohamed; Abd Kuss, Jochen; Boukhary, Mohamed; Lashin, Aref


Seismic-facies analysis and the subsurface tectonic evolution of the Western Sub-Basin (WSB) of the Gulf of Suez, Egypt, were studied by seismic reflection data of 45 seismic lines. Eight of these lines were selected to illustrate the structural framework and depositional history of the WSB supported by the composition, velocity and vertical seismic profile (VSP) logs of ten wells. The analysis of two way time (TWT) structure-contour maps and rose diagrams revealed that the Miocene strata are dissected by NE-SW trending faults of the Morgan Accommodation Zone (MAZ). North of this zone, a general dip towards the northeast is recognized, south of this zone, the regional dip is towards the southwest. The complex structural framework was the main factor controlling facies changes of the syn-depositional Miocene units along the study area.


structureseismic interpretationfaciesbasin-evolutionsalt ridgessyn-rift sedimentationaccommodation zonegulf of suezegypt