Original paper

A new mellivorine (Carnivora, Mustelidae) from the Late Miocene of Toros Menalla, Chad

de Bonis, Louis; Peigné, Stephane; Guy, Franck; Likius, Andossa; Makaye, Hassane T.; Vignaud, Patrick; Brunet, Michel


The Late Miocene fossil vertebrate bearing localities of Toros Menalla (Chad) have yielded specimens of a mustelid belonging to a new genus. The collection comprises several skulls and mandibles, a few vertebrae and fragments of limb bones. This material is compared to extant and extinct mustelids. Its characters show that it is quite different from the extant ratel, Mellivora capensis, but that it belongs to the same clade. Thus the split between the Mellivorinae and other mustelids is older than the Late Miocene.


africachadlate miocenecarnivoramustelidaemellivorinaenew genus