Original paper

A new Stegotheriini (Mammalia, Xenarthra, Dasypodidae) from the "Notohippidian" (early Miocene) of Patagonia, Argentina

González Ruiz, Laureano; Raúl Scillato-Yané, Gustavo; Juan,


We describe a new species of Stegotherium (Xenarthra, Stegotheriini, Dasypodidae), S. notohippidensis, based on specimens from two localities in the vicinity of Lago Argentino (Santa Cruz province, Argentina). Based on the related mammalian assemblages and some stratigraphic inferences, both localities are tentatively assigned to the "étage Notohippidien" (Notohippidian stage) of Ameghino, part of the Santacrucian Age (early Miocene). In addition to the new species of Stegotherium described herein, we also present a brief comment about the current status of the "Notohippidian" within the Santacrucian Age.


stegotheriumstegotheriinidasypodidaesantacrucianearly miocene