Original paper

Brachiopods from the Valdeteja Formation (Pennsylvanian; Cantabrian Mountains, NW Spain)

Martínez Chacón, María Luisa Winkler Prins


After a short introduction on the lower Pennsylvanian (Bashkirian to lowermost Moscovian) Valdeteja Formation in its stratigraphical context, an overview of its brachiopod faunas is presented and their palaeoecological and palaeogeographic importance discussed. Two new genera of the Strophalosiidina, showing adaptations to a reef environment, are described. The genus Ovetina (type species O. truyolsi gen. et sp. nov.) is an aulostegid with a well developed ventral flange. Miroproductus (type species M. posadai gen. et sp. nov.) is an early richthofenioid, probably derived from an aulostegid such as Institina Muir-Wood & Cooper, 1960.


brachiopodsstrophalosiidinavaldeteja formationpalaeoecologyupper bashkiriancantabrian mountainsspain