Original paper

The conodont genus Nicoraella and a new species from the Anisian of Guizhou, South China

Sun, Zuo-yu Hao


The Middle and Upper Triassic conodont genus Nicoraella contributed greatly to the biochronology and phylogeny of the Triassic platform-less gondolellids. It comprises five species from the Germanic Basin, Alps, North America and South China. Nicoraella parabudaensis sp. nov. occurs in the Anisian (Middle Triassic) of West Guizhou, South China. Its Pa element closely resembles that of Nicoraella? budaensis from the Middle Carnian, but differs significantly from Pa elements of Nicoraella germanica and Nicoraella kockeli from the Anisian, and Nicoraella postkockeli from the Early Carnian. Two species groups of Nicoraella thus may be differentiated: the Nicoraella kockeli group and the Nicoraella? budaensis group. Additionally, herein, abundant well-preserved segminate elements in monogeneric collection allow a reconstruction of the Nicoraella apparatus.


conodontgondolellidnicoraellamiddle triassicguizhouchina