Original paper

Evolution of the genus Collimys Daxner-Hock, 1972 (Rodentia, Cricetidae) a key to Middle to Late Miocene biostratigraphy in Central Europe

Prieto, Jérôme Rummel


We herein present Collimys populations from German localities and introduce one new species: C. hiri sp. nov. The important biostratigraphic value of this genus is demonstrated based on at least two evolutionary lineages characterized by an increase in molar size. The first lineage (hiri/dobosi lineage) is presented in this paper and is found around the Middle/Late Miocene boundary. It is documented in Germany by two evolutionary stages: C. hiri and C. dobosi. C. longidens from Nebelbergweg (Switzerland) and C. dobosi from Felsőtárkány (Hungary) are referred to this lineage. The hiri/dobosi lineage represents the first biostratigraphically useful mammalian evolutionary sequence for the time period around the Middle to Late Miocene transition in Central Europe.


miocenecricetidaecollimysbiostratigraphynorthern alpine foreland basingermanycentral europe