Original paper

Triassic charophytes from Slovenia: palaeogeographic implications

Martín-Closas, Carles; Jurkovšek, Bogdan; Kolar-Jurkovšek, Tea


Charophyte gyrogonites are reported for the first time from the Triassic of Slovenia and Southern Europe. They were found associated with Late Ladinian-Early Carnian conodonts in marine limestone of the Oblakov Vrh succession, in the northern part of the Outer Dinarides. The charophyte assemblage consists of rare gyrogonites belonging to genus Stenochara, which would probably have been transported to a marine depositional setting from their growing area, a freshwater or brackish environment located nearby. This confirms that smaller areas of palaeogeographic highs, with non-marine facies, occurred during the Triassic in the Adriatic-Dinaric Carbonate Platform and could be reached by charophytes after long-distance dispersal.


triassiccharophytasloveniaouter dinaridespaleobiogeographypaleoecology