Original paper

Anetoceratinae (Ammonoidea, Early Devonian) from the Eifel and Harz Mountains (Germany), with a revision of their genera

De Baets, Kenneth; Klug, Christian; Korn, Dieter


“Cyrtoceratites arduennensis”, one of the stratigraphically oldest ammonoids and type species of the ambiguously defined genus Anetoceras, was first described from the Eifel Mountains. It has been misinterpreted several times and is here re-described, based on the holotype and additional material from the type area. Anetoceras arduennense (Steininger, 1853) has a crioconical conch with whorls almost touching the preceding volution. The revision of the subfamily Anetoceratinae leads to the result that only five genera (Metabactrites, Borivites, Ivoites gen. nov. as a replacement name for Teneroceras, Anetoceras, and Erbenoceras) can be regarded valid, which probably represent a phyletic series.