Original paper

Paleogeographic development of the surroundings of Cerro Prieto water reservoir, Pablillo basin, NE Mexico, and geophysical modeling of the reservoir subsurface

Yutsis, Vsevolod V.; Jenchen, Uwede; León-Gómez, Héctor Izaguirre Valdéz


The Pablillo basin is part of the Coastal Plane of NE Gulf of Mexico in the Sierra Madre Oriental eastern foreland. Gravity and magnetic measurements were made in the Pablillo basin for the determination of the shallow as well as of deep structural characteristics of this area in relation to Cerro Prieto water reservoir, which is one of the main resources of potable water for Monterrey, capital of the state of Nuevo Leon. The interpretation of these data shows a strong influence of fault and fracture tectonics in the area of Cerro Prieto water reservoir.