Original paper

Upper Triassic and Middle Jurassic radiolarians from the ophiolitic melange of the Dinaridic Ophiolite Belt, SW Serbia

Gawlick, Hans-Jürgen Sudar; Suzuki, Hisashi; Deríc, Nevenka; Missoni, Sigrid; Lein, Richard; Jovanović, Divna


The Dinaridic Ophiolite Belt of western and southwestern Serbia is made of ophiolites and wide-spread mélanges containing different components up to nappe-size, now interpreted as radiolaritic-ophiolitic trench fill in front of advancing nappes. The matrix of the components and blocks consists mainly of fine- to partly coarse-grained, radiolaritic, ophiolitic siliciclastics, further of shales, radiolaritic marls and rare radiolarites. Westnorthwest of Sjenica in the central Dinaridic Ophiolite Belt occur an albite granite olistolith together with ophiolitic material, spilite olistoliths, Late Triassic radiolaritic olistoliths, and various carbonate components. From the radiolaritic matrix, which is in the surrounding of the albite granite olistolith, we isolated a radiolarian fauna of Middle Jurassic age. The Middle Jurassic age of these matrix radiolarites proves directly the sedimentary emplacement of the different blocks. The age range of the Sjenica mélange and the sedimentary emplacement of the olistoliths in the Dinaridic Ophiolite Belt seems to be similar to the radiolaritic-ophiolitic wildflysch in the Mirdita Ophiolite Zone of Albania to the south and the ophiolitic mélange areas in Medvenica and Kalnik Mts. to the northwest.


dinaridestrench fillstratigraphydinaridic ophiolite beltsjenica melangetethys ocean