Original paper

Revision of the genus Cyclothyreus Remes, 1895 (Decapoda: Brachyura: Dromioidea)

Schweitzer, Carrie E.; Feldmann, Rodney M.


The genus Cyclothyreus Remeš, 1895, is comprised of nine species, four of which are new: Cyclothyreus cardiacus, C. divaricatus, C. quadrophthalmus, and C. strangus. Cyclothyreus is for now placed within the Dynomenidae sensu lato, recognizing that it cannot be accommodated within any of the existing subfamilies, or for that matter, within any existing family within the Dromioidea. All known species of Cyclothyreus are Tithonian in age and are known from localities in central and eastern Europe.


jurassiccrustaceatithoniandynomenidaeaustriaczech republicromania