Original paper

New insights on the genus Prolyelliceras Spath, 1930 and the identity of Acanthoceras gevreyi Jacob, 1907 (Cephalopoda, Ammonitina)

Latil, Jean-Louis; Robert, Emmanuel; Bulot, Luc-Georges


Acanthoceras gevreyi Jacob, 1907 originates from a condensed Albian horizon at La Perte du Rhône, Bellegarde (Ain, France). This species is still very poorly known and its taxonomic interpretation in the literature is most often erroneous. New and abundant material from SE France, North Africa and South America allows the revision of this taxon and shows that Lyelliceras flandrini Dubourdieu, 1953, is one of its minor subjective synonyms. As a consequence the systematic position, stratigraphic range and palaeobiogeographic distribution of Acanthoceras gevreyi Jacob are discussed. Prolyelliceratidae fam. nov. is proposed.