Original paper

Cellicalichnus antiquus isp. nov., an Early Middle Jurassic arthropod brood structure from the Shemshak Group of north-eastern Iran

Fürsich, Franz T.; Wilmsen, Markus; Taheri, Jafar


The new ichnospecies Cellicalichnus antiquus from upper Lower to lower Middle Jurassic strata of the Shemshak Group of north-eastern Iran consists of bundles of horizontal tunnels, from which at regular intervals elongate cells opposing each other emerge. The burrow has been constructed in floodplain deposits of a braided river system. It is interpreted as an arthropod brood structure of either insects, most likely hymenopterans, which may belong to the ancestral stock of soil-dwelling bees, or else of terrestrial crustaceans (crayfishes).


trace fossilsarthopodsbrood structurelower jurassiciran