Original paper

Description of topotypes of Phuwiangosaurus sirindhornae, a sauropod from the Sao Khua Formation (Early Cretaceous) of Thailand, and their phylogenetic implications

Suteethorn, Suravech; Le Loeuff, Jean; Buffetaut, Eric; Suteethorn, Varavudh


The holotype of Phuwiangosaurus sirindhornae Martin, Buffetaut and Suteethorn 1994, a 10 % complete sauropod skeleton, was excavated in the early 1980s by a Thai-French expedition. In 1993, the site was re-opened and yielded two additional vertebrae: one posterior dorsal and one proximal caudal vertebra. On the basis of the size and shape of the vertebrae and the absence of identical bones from the type locality, we conclude that these vertebrae belong to the same individual as the holotype of P. sirindhornae and consider them as topotypes. A phylogenetic analysis, which for the first time includes recently described cranial and postcranial material, indicates that Phuwiangosaurus is a basal member of Titanosauriformes.


sauropodstitanosauriformesbasal titanosaurearly cretaceousthailand