Original paper

Early Miocene flora of the intramontane Zagubica Basin (Serbian Carpatho-Balkanides)

Lazarević, Zorica; Milivojević, Jelena


The Žagubica Neogene represents a large intramontane basin in the east Serbian Carpatho-Balkanides. Plant remains were collected in four localities of the Žagubica Basin, all in the north to north-east, near the basin margin or from streambeds. The fossil flora were analyzed taxonomically, palaeoecologically and stratigraphically. In the assemblage of the Žagubica Basin, species representing evergreen rain forests, especially Daphnogene, predominate. The fossil plant assemblage of the Žagubica reflects subtropical, humid vegetation. Due to the uncertain palaeofaunistic data, the fossil flora is dated according to similarity with so-called "fixed" floras and other similar floras from Serbia. The age of sediments with plant remains is assumed to be the Ottnangian-Karpatian (Early Miocene).


macrofloraearly miocenepalaeoecologyintramontane basinserbia