Original paper

The Early Tithonian (Late Jurassic) ammonite genus Virgatosimoceras Spath (Ammonoidea: Simoceratidae) revision and value for correlation

Scherzinger, Armin; Főzy, István; Parent, Horacio


New findings of the Early Tithonian genus Virgatosimoceras SPath (Simoceratidae) from Hungary confirm the existence of a new chronospecies (Virgatosimoceras dunaii n. sp.) which fills the gap between V. albertinum and V. rothpletzi. The successive chronospecies demonstrate a well defined lineage through the Early Tithonian Darwini, Semiforme and Fallauxi zones, opening the possibility of enhancement of the time-correlation of the Submediterranean Province with adjacent regions. All figured records of Virgatosimoceras are revised. Micro- and macroconchs are tentatively distinguished for the first time. The similarities between Virgatosimoceras and some homoeomorphic perisphinctids are discussed. Based on the known records, is concluded that the genus was restricted to the western Tethys.


virgatosimoceraslower tithonianrevisioncorrelationhungarysouthern germanypalaeobiogeography