Original paper

The youngest record of phorusrhacid birds (Aves, Phorusrhacidae) from the late Pleistocene of Uruguay

Alvarenga, Herculano; Jones, Washington; Rinderknecht, Andrés


We report the youngest record of a phorusrhacid bird based on a distal portion of a right tarsometatarsus. This fossil comes from late Pleistocene sediments of Uruguay. The age determination was based on lithological features, biostratigraphical studies and absolute dating. The evidence indicates that these groundbirds co-occurred with the typical Pleistocene South American megafaunal mammals. The so far youngest fossils of phorusrhacids stem from the Pliocene or lower Pleistocene of South and North America.


giant groundbirdphorusrhacidaelate pleistoceneyoungest recordsouth americauruguay