Original paper

The Integrated Plant Record vegetation analysis of Early Miocene assemblages from the Most Basin (Czech Republic)

Teodoridis, Vasilis


Nine Early Miocene macrofloras from the Most Basin have been evaluated using the IPR vegetation analysis. This semi-quantitative method confirms a zonal vegetation change from the Mixed Mesophytic Forest of the Holešice Member floras to the Broad-leaved Evergreen Forest type represented by floras of the Libkovice Member. This vegetation shift corresponds to palaeoclimatic fluctuation towards Early-Middle Miocene Climatic Optimum expressed by increased proportion of the evergreen and thermophilous elements and has also been corroborated by palaeoclimatic estimates derived from the LMA, CLAMP and CoA methods as well as studies of CO2 concentration.


ipr vegetation analysisvegetationpalaeoclimateearly miocenemost basinczech republic