Original paper

Taphonomy of trilobites and associated invertebrates from SW Spain and NW Portugal

Gil Cid, María Dolores; Lebrón Moreno, José Alberto


This work is based on field and laboratory studies of a large number of trilobites and others associated invertebrates (c. 185 specimens), with interesting taphonomic features (e.g. bioturbation structures, deformation, orientation, dissolution, and pyrite mineralization) from Lower Cambrian (Alanís, Seville, Spain) and Middle Ordovician (Navas de Estena, Guadarranque Syncline and El Viso del Marqués, from SW Spain and Valongo, Buçaco and Godomar in Portugal). Taphonomic and palaeoichnological evidence confirms the occurrence of detritus or deposit burrowers as producers of Arachnostega gastrochaenae, and adds to the information on Cambrian/Ordovician marine communities from the Ossa-Morena and Central Iberian zones as well as on the ichnodiversity of the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event.


biodiversification eventcambriancentral iberian zoneinvertebratesordovicianossa-morena zoneportugalspaintaphonomytrilobites