Original paper

Rodents from the Lower Oligocene of the Bierzo Basin (Leon, Spain)

Freudenthal, Matthijs; Martin-Suarez, Elvira; Heredia Carballo, Nemesio; Rodriguez-Fernandez, Luis Roberto; Gonzalez, Fidel Martin


The Bierzo Basin is one of a series of Tertiary basins, located in the NW of the Iberian Peninsula linked to the Alpine Pyrenean orogeny. So far, its exact age was unknown because no paleontological data were available. Two new fossiliferous localities between Fresnedo and Tombrío de Arriba in the Bierzo Basin (León, Spain) permit such a dating for the first time. The fossil rodent collection from REY1, includes Issiodoromys bergidensis sp. nov., Protechimys cf. truci, Pseudocricetodon simplex, and Gliravus majori. Its age is late Early Oligocene (MP24). The second locality, REY3B, contains Issiodoromys minor, Protechimys cf. gracilis, Allocricetodon sp. nov., Pseudocricetodon simplex, Heterocricetodon aff. schlosseri, and Oligodyromys planus. Its age is latest Early Oligocene age (MP25).


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