Original paper

The genus Coelopus Etallon, 1861 (Brachyura: Glaessneropsoidea: Longodromitidae) with new species

Schweitzer, Carrie E.; Feldmann, Rodney M.


Coelopus Étallon, 1861, as herein defined contains six species including Coelopus repandus n. sp. and Coelopus convexus n. sp. Coelopus pustulosus (von Meyer, 1860), which was used to illustrate the genus in the Treatise volume on Decapoda, is herein removed to Tanidromites, and a lectotype is designated. Coelopus is known from Bathonian to Tithonian rocks of Europe, making it one of the earliest brachyuran occurrences known.