Original paper

A Late Triassic flora from Gomero (Santa Juana Formation), Chile

Moisan, Philippe; Abad, Eduardo; Bomfleur, Benjamin; Kerp, Hans


A revision based on new specimens recently collected in the Upper Triassic from the Gomero locality (Santa Juana Formation) is presented. The fossil flora includes seventeen taxa, of which Baiera africana and B. furcata are described for the first time from the Triassic of Chile, and a new combination is introduced: Pterophyllum santajuanensis. The composition of this palaeoflora is very similar to other Triassic palaeofloras from Argentina. Both regions are located within the southwestern extratropical area of Gondwana, characterized by a dry subtropical climate with a predominance of Dipteridaceae, Cycadales, Ginkgoales and Corystospermales. This last group, represented by the well-known genus Dicroidium, shows a decline during the Late Triassic, being only a subordinate element, while “Jurassic” taxa begin to be dominant elements in these palaeofloras. In contrast to the other localities in the Santa Juana Formation, the sediments of the Gomero outcrops are fully terrestrial without any marine influence.


santa juana formationchilefossil plantsupper triassic