Original paper

Bison remains from the Upper Siwaliks of Pakistan

Akbar Khan, Muhammad; Kostopoulos, Dimitris S.; Akhtar, Muhammad; Nazir, Muhammad


Fossil remains ascribed to Bison cf. sivalensis are described in this paper. The material, discovered by the team of Palaeontology of the Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan during the past few years comes from the Early - Middle Pliocene continental deposits of the Upper Siwaliks (Tatrot Formation, northern Pakistan) dated approximately from 3.3 to 2.6 Ma, and allows interesting comparisons with forms related to the origin of bisons. The new data significantly widens the timedistribution of the species and draws back the first appearance of Bison lineage in the Indian subcontinent.


bisonbovidaepliocenetatrot formationupper siwaliks