Original paper

Sinemurian ammonites from Male Karpaty Mts., Western Carpathians, Slovakia. Part 1: Phylloceratoidea, Lytoceratoidea, Schlotheimiidae

Meister, Christian; Schlögl, Jan; Rakús, Milos


Among the rich ammonite fauna of the condensed section of Chtelnica (Western Carpathians) 33 species are discussed for the Phylloceratoidea [Phylloceratidae (5), Juraphyllitidae (5)], Lytoceratoidea [Pleuroacanthidae (6), Lytoceratidae (4)] and Schlotheimiidae (13). Five species are new: Lytotropites compressus, Lytoceras perplexum, Angulaticeras (Sulciferites) helvii, Angulaticeras (Sulciferites) chtelnicaense, and Angulaticeras (Angulaticeras) spinosus n. sp. The latter is a key taxon to the understanding of the origin of the Phricodoceratidae. The age of the fauna covers a large period in the Sinemurian from the Bucklandi Zone up to the Turneri and/or partim Obtusum Zones.


ammoniteslower jurassicsinemuriancarpathiansslovakia