Original paper

Middle Eocene brachiopods from the Szoc Limestone Formation (Bakony Mountains, Hungary), with a description of a new genus

Bitner, Maria Aleksandra; Dulai, Alfréd; Galácz, András


Three brachiopod species, Gryphus kickxii (Galeotti, 1837), Meznericsia hantkeni (Meznerics, 1944) new combination, and Terebratulina tenuistriata (Leymerie, 1846) have been recognized in the Middle Eocene assemblage from the Szőc Limestone Formation, Bakony Mountains, Hungary. The species G. kickxii has a very complex taxonomic history, being described under different names, Terebratula kickxii, Waldheimia hilarionis and Magellania hilarionis. Examination of internal structures excludes this species from the two latter genera which are long-looped brachiopods. The genus Meznericsia is described as new. G. kickxii and T. tenuistriata have a wide distribution in the Eocene of Europe, while M. hantkeni has been recorded from Hungary and Ukraine. The Bakony Mountains assemblage differs markedly from an Eocene brachiopod fauna from marls of north-western Hungary that contains 7 micromorphic species.


brachiopodataxonomyeocenelutetianbartonianszÅc limestone formationbakony mtshungarynew genus