Original paper

Agnostids entombed under exoskeletons of paradoxidid trilobites

Fatka, Oldřich; Szabad, Michal


Occurrence of three entirely preserved articulated exoskeletons of holaspid specimens of the agnostid Peronopsis integra (Beyrich, 1845) entombed under and/or within different parts of carapaces of the large polymerid trilobite species Paradoxides (Hydrocephalus) minor (Boeck, 1827) are described from the Jince Formation (Drumian) of the Příbram-Jince Basin. Conchicolous habit and/or feeding of the tiny Peronopsis on deteriorating soft parts of large carcasses of Paradoxides are proposed as two plausible explanations for entombment of the agnostid specimen. Both of these hypotheses support a benthic mode of life for the agnostid Peronopsis, and perhaps for all agnostids.


agnostid palaeoecologydrumiancambrianjince formationbarrandian areapŘÃbram-jince basinczech republic