Original paper

The validity of the species Myotis podlesicensis Kowalski, 1956 (Vespertilionidae, Chiroptera) from the Early Pliocene of Poland

Rosina, Valentina V.; Kruskop, Sergey V.


The systematic position of Myotis podlesicensis Kowalski, 1956 from the Early Pliocene locality Podlesice (MN 13/14; Upland Poland) is discussed. The comparison of M. podlesicensis with the available fossil and recent Myotis species reveals that M. podlesicensis is morphologically distinctive and deserving of an independent taxonomical status. Undoubtedly, M. podlesicensis cannot be regarded as the synonym of M. aemulus Heller, 1936. Fossil faunas of Podlesice (Poland) and Gundersheim 1+2 (Germany) both include M. gundersheimensis.


myotis podlesicensismyotis aemuluslate pliocenepodlesicepoland