Original paper

Late Jurassic (Oxfordian, Bifurcatus and Bimammatum zones) ammonites from the eastern Alborz Mountains, Iran; second part

Seyed-Emami, Kazem; Schairer, Gerhard


This study describes an ammonite assemblage from a section of the Lar Formation at Golbini (N Jajarm, eastern Alborz Mountains, Iran). Twelve taxa from the families Phylloceratidae, Oppeliidae, Glochiceratidae, Aspidoceratidae, Perisphinctidae and Aulacostephanidae have been identified. The fauna is assigned to the Late Oxfordian Bifurcatus and Bimammatum zones. With regard to palaeobiogeography, the ammonite fauna from Golbini is closely related to those from the northern Mediterranean Province (Submediterranean Province), while Boreal elements (Cardioceratidae) are generally extremely rare in the study area and in North Iran.


ammoniteslate jurassicoxfordianlar formationalborz mountainsiran