Original paper

The new cheilostome bryozoan Metrarabdotos nehybai from the Middle Miocene of Moravia (Czech Republic): palaeofaunistic, taxonomic and ontogenetic aspects

Zágoršek, Kamil; Ostrovsky, Andrew N.; Vávra, Norbert


Samples from borehole Vranovice VK 1 (Moravia, Czech Republic) have yielded a bryozoan fauna comparable with two bryozoan faunas of equivalent age (early Badenian, Lower Lagenid Zone) from Austria (Niederleis, Locatelliwald). As previously shown by studies on foraminifera, the bryozoans indicate changes of the environment (mainly shallowing upwards) during the early Badenian. In most of the samples studied a new cheilostome bryozoan (Metrarabdotos nehybai sp. nov.) from the family Metrarabdotosidae has been found. A detailed taxonomic description is given. Skeletal thickening of the frontal shield ('secondary calcification') strongly changes the external appearance of the ontogenetically older zooids, but internal features remain stable and permit precise identification.


miocenemoraviabryozoanew speciestaxonomysecondary calcification