Original paper

A new axiid (Crustacea: Decapoda: Axiidea) from the Neogene of Belgium and the Netherlands

Fraaije, René H.B.; van Bakel, Barry W.M.; Jagt, John W.M.; Mollen, Frederik H.


From small phosphatic nodules in sandy deposits of Neogene age, previously excavated at Emblem (northwest Belgium) and currently suction dredged at Langenboom (southeast Netherlands), several chelipeds as well as fragments of carapace and abdomen of an axiid shrimp have been collected. These remains are here described as a new genus and species, which constitute the first record of the family Axiidae from Neogene strata in the North Sea Basin and the second species to be reported from Pliocene strata worldwide.


crustaceaaxiidaeneogenetaxonomybelgiumthe netherlands