Original paper

Revision of Jaxea kuemeli Bachmayer, 1954 (Decapoda: Gebiidea: Laomediidae) from the Miocene of Europe, with remarks on the palaeobiogeography of the genus Jaxea Nardo, 1847

Hyžný, Matúš


The present contribution reevaluates the fossil record of the genus Jaxea (Decapoda: Gebiidea: Laomediidae) and gives an emended diagnosis and an updated description of Jaxea kuemeli based on well preserved material from the lower and middle Miocene strata of Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. The species is distinguished from the extant J. nocturna on the basis of the tooth formula of the chelipeds. The geographic distribution and the palaeobiogeography of the genus is discussed and migration from the Tethys eastward towards the present-day Indo-Pacific Ocean during the Miocene time is proposed. The fossil record of the family Laomediidae is shortly reviewed. The monotypical genus Reschia from the Tithonian of southern Germany once tentatively assigned to Laomediidae is excluded from the family.