Original paper

Intraspecific variation in the Jurassic crab Bucculentum bucculentum (Decapoda: Homolodromioidea: Bucculentidae)

Starzyk, Natalia; Krzemińska, Ewa; Krzemiński, Wiesław


The fossil crab Bucculentum bucculentum (Wehner, 1988) was known originally from a holotype and five other specimens from Lower Kimmeridgian localities of southern Germany. A newly acquired collection of Oxfordian crabs from two localities of southern Poland, which includes 16 specimens of this species, enabled us to supplement the original description. Some tubercles on the carapace appeared to have stable positions in all specimens ascribed. Their distribution provided a pattern specific to the species and genus. The details of rostrum and augenrest are described. Differences between B. bucculentum and B. bachmayeri described previously by Schweitzer & Feldmann (2009a) are confirmed.