Original paper

Corrections to three gastropod genera, established by Kutassy on Late Triassic type species from Dachstein Limestone localities of Budapest (Hungary)

Szabó, János


Three Late Triassic genera, Callotrochus, Hungariella and Parangularia that have been recognised by Kutassy, are discussed in this paper. As part of a full revision of the Late Triassic gastropod fauna of Budapest, these genera are emended both nomenclatorially and systematically. Fixation of their type species and corrections of the morphological descriptions are presented. A new subfamily, Callotrochinae (Calliostomatidae, Trochoidea) is suggested for Callotrochus Kutassy in Wenz, 1938 and Tylotrochus Koken, 1892, because their systematic position has recently become uncertain with the reinterpretation of their former subfamily (Proconulinae, Trochidae). In addition, Hungariella coronata n. sp. is also described.


systematicslate triassicgastropodacallotrochinae new subfamilycallotrochushungariellaparangularia