Original paper

Systematic revision of the Placocoeniidae (Scleractinia; Late Cretaceous)

Löser, Hannes


The Late Cretaceous coral family Placocoeniidae is revised on the base of the type and topotypic material of the type species of Placocoenia, Astrea macrophthalma Goldfuss, 1826. The types of the type species of genera currently assigned to this family were examined and confirmed or discarded as members of the family. After its revision, the Placocoeniidae contains four genera - Barycora, Columnocaeniopsis, Columnocoenia, and Placocoenia - which are all very similar, if not synonymous. The family ranges from the Coniacian to Maastrichtian. All Jurassic and Early Cretaceous species currently assigned to these genera need to be reclassified to genera of the Columastraeidae because they do not fit into the concept of the Placocoeniidae or its genera.