Original paper

A new species of crab (Brachyura: Raninoidia: Cenomanocarcinidae) from the Campanian of Morocco: validation of the genus Hasaracancer Jux, 1971

Ossó-Morales, ÀLex; Artal, Pedro; Vega, Francisco J.


The crab genus Hasaracancer Jux, 1971 is rehabilitated, and a new species is described from the Upper Campanian Calcaires à slumps de Taghit Formation of Morocco. The raninoid crab Hasaracancer merijaensis n. sp. represents the second species for the genus; the type species H. cristatus Jux, 1971 was reported from the Campanian of Afghanistan. Systematic affinities with the Cenomanocarcinidae are here discussed and confirmed.


hasaracancercampaniannortheast moroccobrachyuraraninoidianew speciespodotremata