Original paper

Ammonites of the genus Peltoceratoides Spath, 1924 from the Oxfordian of Kachchh, western India

Alberti, Matthias; Pandey, Dhirendra K.; Fürsich, Franz T.


Forty-three ammonites from the Kachchh Basin in western India have been assigned to seven taxa belonging to the genus Peltoceratoides Spath, 1924. The two most abundant morphospecies Peltoceratoides (Peltoceratoides) constantii and Peltoceratoides (Parawedekindia) arduennensis are commonly considered as the macro- and microconch, respectively of a single biospecies. The taxa are important for intrabasinal as well as intercontinental correlation due to their wide geographic range during the Early Oxfordian. The specimens occur in beds, which had been assigned to the Cordatum Zone, but also reworked in the so-called Dhosa Conglomerate Bed, which contains an array of ammonites from different ammonite zones.


ammonoidsjurassickachchh basinindiataxonomy