Original paper

Myriapora kuhni n. sp. (Bryozoa, Cheilostomata) - a remarkable fossil from the Oligocene of the Mainz Basin (Germany)

Vávra, Norbert


A new species of the genus Myriapora (Cheilostomata, Bryozoa) is described from the Oligocene of Germany, which is the first encrusting representative of this taxon. Myriapora truncata (the type species of the genus), an erect and branching form, is among the best-known bryozoan taxa in the Recent Mediterranean ('false coral'). In addition to branching forms, the Oligocene of the Mainz Basin has yielded until now Myriapora fungiformis Vávra, 1983 (with mushroom-shaped zoaria) and finally Myriapora kuhni nov. sp., the subject of this paper.