Original paper

A new species of Habroichthys Brough, 1939 (Actinopterygii; Peltopleuriformes) from the Pelsonian (Anisian, Middle Triassic) of Yunnan Province, South China

Lin, Hun-qin; Sun, Zuo-yu; Tintori, Andrea; Lombardo, Cristina; Jiang, Da-yong; Hao, Wei-cheng


Habroichthys broughi n. sp. is described on the basis of eleven well-preserved specimens from the Luoping Biota, a newly discovered marine vertebrate fauna of the Pelsonian (Middle Anisian, Middle Triassic) in the Upper Member of the Guanling Formation of Luoping County, Yunnan Province, South China. The new taxon provides new insights to the anatomy of Habroichthys Brough, 1939: maxilla shorter than mandible and free from the pear-like preopercle; clavicle present; tail slightly asymmetrical, with a very small body lobe supporting few epaxial rays. Additionally, some Ladinian material of Habroichthys from the Zhuganpo Member of the 'Falang Formation' is investigated. In consequence, Habroichthys of the Triassic of the Eastern Tehtys (South China) greatly extends the temporal and spatial range of this small, enigmatic subholostean fishes.


new taxonactinopterygianshabroichthyspelsoniantriassicsouth china