Original paper

Simoceras szentei n. sp., a new ammonite species from the lowermost Tithonian of the Gerecse Mountains (Hungary) - the earliest record of the genus

Főzy, István; Scherzinger, Armin


New finds of the Early Tithonian genus Simoceras Zittel (Simoceratidae) from Hungary confirm the existence of a new species (Simoceras szentei n. sp.) which might be a forerunner of Simoceras biruncinatum (Quenstedt) and Simoceras admirandum Zittel. The new species demonstrates the possibility of an evolutionary lineage from the Early Tithonian Hybonotum zone through Darwini, Semiforme and Fallauxi zones of the Mediterranean Province. The similarities between different species of Simoceras are also discussed.


simoceraslower tithonianhungarygerecsepapret ravine