Original paper

Evolutionary relationships among Schloenbachiidae (Cretaceous Ammonoidea: Hoplitoidea), with a revised classification of the family

Cooper, Michael R.; Owen, Hugh G.


Phylogenetic analysis of the family Schloenbachiidae and its relatives suggests a vastly different content to that proposed by the Treatise (Wright 1996). The family is greatly enlarged to incorporate its ancestral hoplitoid lineage and, as interpreted here, comprises the subfamilies Dimorphoplitinae n., Pleurohoplitinae and Schloenbachiinae. Within paraphyletic Dimorphoplitinae n., with a sulcate venter, Paranahoplites, Pseudhoplites and Procallihoplites are new, with Daghestanites and Gazdaganites resurrected from synonymy. Within Pleurohoplitinae, with a raised to fastigiate and keeled venter, Parvihoplites is new, Euhystrichoceras is transferred from Mortoniceratinae, and Praeschloenbachia is resurrected from synonymy. Jakeiceras is new to keeled and generally multituberculate Schloenbachiinae. Neotypes are designated and figured for several species.


albian-cenomanianboreal realmhoplitid provincecretaceous ammonoideaschloenbachiidaephylogenysystematics