Original paper

Stratigraphy, facies analysis and reservoir characterization of the Upper Jurassic Arab “C“, Qatar, Arabian Gulf

Al-Saad, Hamad; Sadooni, Fadhil


The Arab C is a member of the Jurassic Arab Formation, one of the largest carbonate reservoirs in the Arabian Basin. Detailed petrographic analysis of cores and thin sections from selected wells in the onshore Dukhan Oilfield reveals the Arab C represents a transgressive system tract composed of dolomite, anhydrite, oolitic peloidal grainstone, cyanobacterial boundstone, bioclastic grainstone and packstone. Most commonly occurring pore types are moldic due to dissolution and intercrystalline, related to dolomitization. Core and well logs indicate high porosity values (up to 30%) and the highest permeability values (typically 450 md) are found in the lower part of the unit. The Arab C is regionally widespread making it important exploration target.


qatararab cupper jurassicfacieshydrocarbondepositional setting