Original paper

Oxfordian ammonites from Rostam Kola, northern East Alborz, North Iran

Parent, Horacio; Meléndez, Guillermo; Falahatgar, Mostafa


The study of a set of ammonite samples from outcrops of the Lar Formation in northermost Iran (northwestern East Alborz) indicates a latest middle to early late Oxfordian age for this fauna. All the studied ammonites belong to the subfamilies Passendorferiinae (Passendorferia uptonioides and P. gygii) and Ataxioceratinae (Orthosphinctes ariniensis, Orthosphinctes sp. A and O. sp. B), and show dominant Submediterranean affinities, being largely comparable to ammonite successions recorded in South European epicontinental platforms, such as Iberian Range, French and Swiss Jura, Southern Germany and Polish Jura. Affinities with true Mediterranean (Northwest Tethyan) Province are also close. However, differences are marked by the virtual absence of representatives of suborders Phylloceratina and Lytoceratina in the recorded sequence, one of the dominant faunal components there. Nevertheless, the material available is scarce for supporting strong conclusions.


north iranwestern east alborzlar formationammonoideapassendorferiinaeataxioceratinaeoxfordian