Original paper

New data on Astycoryphe, Dohmiella, Longiproetus and Quadratoproetus (Trilobita, Proetidae) from the Middle Devonian in the Ardennes, Belgium

van Viersen, Allart P.; van Rossum, Alfer; Prescher, Harald


Proetid trilobites are described from Middle Devonian strata in the Dinant Synclinorium, Belgium. Astycoryphe arduinnae sp. nov., Dohmiella cf. dohmi (Richter & Richter), Longiproetus cf. tenuimargo (Richter), Gerastos sp. C, and Quadratoproetus sp. A are recorded from the Jemelle Formation (Eifelian) in Boutonville. These taxa provide the first comprehensive data on trilobites from the lower kockelianus conodont Zone in the Ardennes. A second Longiproetus species, L. meiopsifius sp. nov., is described from the Hanonet Formation (Givetian) in Resteigne. This is the first reported occurrence of Longiproetus and Quadratoproetus from the Ardennes.