Original paper

New taxa of vespertilionid bats (Chiroptera, Mammalia) from the Late Miocene of Ukraine

Rosina, Valentina V.; Semenov, Yuriy A.


A new genus Eptenonnus nov. gen. represented by E. gritsevensis nov. sp. and a new species of Myotis, M. korotkevichae nov. sp. are described from the Gritsev locality (the Early Vallesian, MN 9) of Ukraine. E. gritsevensis is a medium-sized vespertilionid which combines some plesiomorphic features (e.g.three lower premolars and two upper premolars in dentition) with apomorphic characters (e.g. a short incisor tooth-row, a strong reduction of P2). The new species, M. korotkevichae, is the largest Neogene Myotis known up to now from the territory of the Eastern Paratethys. Morphologically it is similar to the Pliocene M. podlesicensis from Poland.


mammaliachiropteralate mioceneukraineeptenonnus gritsevensis nov. gennov. spmyotis korotkevichae nov. sp