Original paper

Fenestrate bryozoan fauna from the Lower - Middle Devonian of NW Spain

Ernst, Andrej


Fifteen bryozoans species belonging to the Order Fenestrata are described from the Lower-Middle Devonian of the Cantabrian Mountains, NW Spain. One genus with one species is new: Iberofenestella wolfae gen. nov. sp. nov. Nine additional species are new: Prolixicella parva sp. nov., P. ibera sp. nov., Hemitrypa cantabrica sp. nov., Rectifenestella villayandrensis sp. nov., R. elegantula sp. nov., Dissotrypa punctata sp. nov., D. robusta sp. nov., Eosemicoscinium serratum sp. nov., and Bigeyina ibera sp. nov. The fenestrate morphology is discussed. The studied fauna shows palaeobiogeographical relations to the Czech Republic, Germany, North America, Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia.