Original paper

Foraminifera from the Callovian GSSP candidate section of AlbstadtPfeffingen (Middle Jurassic, Southern Germany)

Franz, Matthias; Knott, Sascha D.


(Baden-Württemberg, southern Germany) in combination with literature data lead to the definition of five faunal assemblages for the Swabian Alb. Eight taxa can be used as key fossils for the Bathonian in Southwest Germany: Tristix oolithica, Planularia costata, Trocholina conica, Lenticulina eichenbergi, Nodosaria striatojurensis, Quinqueloculina sp. 1 BlanK , Lenticulina dictyodes, and Astacolus cf. comptula. The Callovian is marked by the first appearance of Lenticulina cf. lithuanica, Lenticulina cf. virgata, Ichthyolaria moelleri, and Marginulina semiinvoluta. Carbonate-rich layers partly yielded low diverse and low abundant microfaunal assemblages.


foraminiferafaunal assemblagesbathoniancallovian